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I seriously can't believe after all this YEARS... and this issue still exist... Seriously you need to fire some of your Web Developers and hire fresh young graduates... Sometimes you have to get rid of the old so new and innovative young genius can get things done right...


I have played NCSOFT games before it even was named NCSOFT... from T4C to City Of Heroes to GW GW2.. AION.. Lineage Lineage II... I know i can't get back my old account and have to register again so i did without any compensation. Sadly your web developers should just do a DATABASE migration not asking players to do migration. Simple LAZY morons... Rather create unhappy customers than serve the customers as usual only NCSOFT can do it.


Real life experience this is why some people are still playing WoW, SWTOR and EVE until today... not many people will continue to populate your games because of bad services... Before i even join BNS i reminded my friend who asked me to come join him about the bad experience i had with NCSOFT over the GW2 purchase issue.... I still remember it until today i bought NC credits and my card was charged and contact support and never got a damn reply until today... that was like 3 years ago... So i got smart and never input my credit card into NCSOFT instead i use PayPal so anything bad happens i can reverse funds... 


My 2 cents you guys seriously need to fix this payment issues i'm sure i'm not the only one along the way who got sick and tired of the bad customer support services.

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I'm stuck with this issue too.

The most common cause of this occurs when you click on the web purchase button inside the game, it opens your default browser, opens your ncsoft profile page and it clicks for you the buy ncoins button automatically, this is the problem, because that button executes a popup window and nowdays every browser have a popup blocker active as default feature.
Once your browser blocks the first popup, you are litterally ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed, you have triggered Ncsoft Risk Management security feature and you are flagged with the Risky Status.

I searched a lot along the internet, suggestions to fix this problem are many, obviously, disable popup blocker,  clear browser cache, use a different browser, reboot your router (if you have a dynamic ip allocation service) and as last resource, conctact ncsupport.
No one of these worked with me, even the support doesn't help you at all, givin you the only option to search some retail vaucher elsewhere.

They don't want your money, isn't it funny?

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