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Clan Uniform Outfit Question.

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I finally got all the supplies required to craft the Clan Outfit Design..

However I have been wondering, If I start making Clan Uniforms (Before the Design is finished crafting), Will they automaticly take over the Design once that finishes crafting?

Or will I have to wait till the Design finishes crafting, to actually make Clan Uniforms that has the Design added to it?


I've been wondering about that... and since clan design takes 3 days, It would be nice if I could already have a few Uniforms crafted by the time It's done.. However this what I just listed above has been my main concern... I don't want to craft Uniforms that end up having no design to it. (And end up wasting money cause of it)


If anyone could somehow explain the system to me, and answer my question that'd be great.


It's quite hard to explain the ''issue'' or ''Concern'' I'm having, but I tried my best lol, If anyone has a question about what I mean exactly, please ask and I'll try explaining it further.


Thanks. ;)

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