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How i don't know where to write,i'll write it here.First,i am sorry for my bad english. So,Ncsoft, i complain for the bad latency and quality of the servers what you are giving to us.What is this please can you tell me?Its a bad joke or what?i was waiting for this game 1 year andd half,okay now i can play,but i asking you: IN WHICH CONDITIONS? I must but and speed program despite my good conection,i built a computer just to playing at this game and not it's like mission impossible,why you don't do anything about the latency?How do you want me i play my class KFM? or you are gonna tell me change the class if you wanna continu to play at this game?  Really you don't think people are working for money and to pay just to play for a game it's my own choice i understand,but Give me the quality of the game the way you present it.Do something in exchange of service for what i am paying for.Maybe you don't care NCsoft, so don't care, but today less one player,tomorrow less others...and see how it's gonna be...all this becouse we can't play corectlly^^

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