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Gameguard Keeps Updating Itself


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Gameguard keeps updating itself even when game isn't launched. Restarting computer does not help. I have tried ending Gameguard, nProtect, Blade and Soul in the task manager but it keeps on occurring. Reinstalling Gameguard doesn't work, reinstalling blade and soul doesn't work. Why do we even have Gameguard? It is completely useless.


I keep getting error 3002 popping up (Please launch game through the game launcher) but i'm not even trying to run the damn game. The Gameguard protection picture that usually appears at the bottom right of the screen whenever I launch the game also keeps appearing as well as the Gameguard updating window that appears at the top left of the screen.


Ncsoft is basically making us download a malware. When are you going to get rid of this like you did with Aion?

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