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soul stone plains exploit

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a member of the cerulean and a few others not known by name are griefing the soul stone plains by exploiting the aggro manipulation of the bosses that spawn in waves by coming out of the faction uniform and holding up 2 waves of pigs so that 2 waves of pig bosses and a terror come down at the same time. 

causing us to either lose the drills and attack the mobs in their base or have to kill 3 waves of bosses at the same time.

this is a faction based area and for someone to be out of uniform and being able to manipulate the mech of the whole instance should be against user terms.

doing this they are stopping the crimson faction from being able to do anything and half of our faction will get salty so they will in turn do it back and then the server will be corrupt as half of the cerulean side buy their gold and pay to win.

in my eyes it should be a faction based area instance and when you take off your armour you should be kicked out of the local area

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