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Viability in PVE/PVP: Summoner, Force Master, Warlock?

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I've recently been getting back into this game after starting to play it at launch. I like the look of all three of the caster classes but I'm curious about people's opinions on their viability in different situations.


Note: I'm not asking "Which is OP?" I want to know your honest opinion of why you play one of these classes over one of the other classes, or why you choose one of these classes for PVP but not PVE.


Cheers :-)

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Hello Twinkly :)


I'm playing summoner as my main class therefore I can say something about it.
I'm not a melee-class player, and I like to support ppl with healing skills. Sure, the healing skills aren't that good compared to real healers of other games, but it's okay, with the correct build I can support my party pretty good. There are many players who don't like summoners cause they say this class is too easy, therefore it is op blabla - Yes, summoner is an easy class, but even there you have to know what you do (I don't wanna start a discussion about if the class is op etc, I just want to let Twinkly know about the fact that there are some ppl who don't have a good opinion of summoners.) ^^

In PvE I use a build which many summoners use, my main dmg is dealt by the sunflower-skill (combo). I stay ranged, my cat stays close to the boss and if the boss targets me I can let my cat do her taunt skill. With this skill the cat can tank very well, but if there's a real tank I don't use my cat taunt skill cause this might mess the combos etc of the tank up.

As a summoner you also got 2 hide skills (your trinket and the skill 4), just to let you know. That's sometimes good if you want to skip mobs in a dungeon. But my cat sometimes annoys me there - she pulls mobs or bugs somewhere and I can't call her back to me (the skill simply doesn't work, idk why, maybe I'm doing something wrong there..)


I don't like PvP, therefore I'm not often playing it and I don't have a good build there. But in the "lower-lv PvP" (lower gold -) for me it's also not very hard cause many players can't deal with me and my cat. But when the cat is dead most of the time I also won't survive very long. Due to my build I need my cat for good healing (20% instant when I press the skill) and to cc my enemy ^^


These are some information about the summoner. Maybe this will help you a bit :)




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