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Outfits rotation

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hey guys , I have something that I cant understand , the rotation o outfits in Hongomon Store , I saw on news that some outfits are removed and new ones are released I guess every week , here there is 2 questions :

1 - Is the removed outfits will return again later ?

2 - If yes , how can I know the return day ?

Cuz as a lyn male , outfits looks like .......... u know and the only one looked cool on me was that black tuxedo I don't remember its name right now , any help guys ? :)

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There are two outfits (and sometimes extra accessories) rotated out every two weeks, or at least this is how it’s been thus far.

There is no guarantee that they will ever return once they have been switched out.

The outfits in the current rotation are Midnight Detective (I think looks amazing on both male and female lyns) and Wintertide.

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