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Network latency connecting to Ncsoft game servers

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I could be wrong but I like to believe that I am not the only one experiencing latency issues with the game server in the past week to-date.


My Windows task manager's resource monitor shows the client.exe connections are between 270ms to 500ms depending on the time of the day. I had submitted a ticket to BnS support. Just the typical Dxdiag/Hijackthis/Winsock check for the time being. 


I had even reached out to my ISP (Time Warner in NYC), had a new cable modem installed, and tested both wired (cat5e) and wireless connection without any solution. All the ISP level 3 guy said was that even if traceroute to NCsoft server shows dropped hops, there isn't anything that they can do as it is outside of the ISP's jurisdiction. 

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