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New Player here

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Hi, greetings!

I am currently downloading the game updates and really excited to play this game. I'm playing from India and I just want to know if I should go for Europe or NA servers. Its easier to communicate in English so I was going for the NA server, but any recommendations are welcome. Also, any tips would be great, like purchasing or saving items, class best suited to know the game better, what to do, what not to do etc etc. Also I'd love to join a guild/clan whatever its called here, so anyone recruiting would be appreciated.

Cheers! Happy gaming.

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I'm from Germany, therefore I play at a german EU server where ppl speak german as well. But there are also servers without [DE] (german), [FR] (french) etc before its name, and as far as I know ppl speak english there. At the place where you can do dungeons with ppl from every server of the region most of the time ppl also speak english. I haven't played on NA servers, but if you are only going for the language in my opinion it doesn't matter which region you chose ^^


I'm playing a summoner as my main character, it's the easiest class in the game. You can do a lot of things alone because you have a cat who can tank for you and you can heal yourself and your cat pretty well. It's a range class, therefore you also have some advantages that melees don't have. I would recommend this class if you want to play an easy class who can also support a party with group healing skills, but I also think that you should have a look at all classes and decide which one would suite you the best. But one problem I got due to playing summoner as a main class: I never really learned to avoid all of the dmg bosses do when I'm standing too close to them cause most of the time I'm standing far away. If I had to stand close to them almost all of the time like melees I think this would be easier.

I can't say very much about the other classes, so if there are ppl who would recommend another class: Please do so ^^


So.. some more tips: The Hongmoon Equip (weapon, jewelry etc) you get is the best gear you can have. Make sure to always upgrade it. Sometimes you have to do some dungeons etc more than only 1 time cause you need an item from there to upgrade your stuff. Some weapons are in boxes (?) - you will need a key to open them. Sometimes you can be very unlucky and just won't get your item, but then don't worry. Blue stuff can be bought at the marketplace (you need to be lv15 or 16 to be able to sell things there), and in the later game you won't have any problems with having no "normal" keys cause you will get them from dailys or cheap at the marketplace as well.

I'd also recommend to do the faction dailys to get a higher rank in the faction - later you will be able to accept faction dailys where you will get soulstones which you need a lot to upgrade your equip. But don't wear your faction uniform when you're not doing faction dailys - there are some players who will just kill you and as long as they are higher than you, you can't do anything against them ^^


So these are some tips. There might be a lot more, but well.. just try to play the game, you'll learn a lot more by doing that instead of only getting things told.




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