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I've been playing Blade & Soul for over two months now. When I was getting on like every other day suddenly ALL of my skills are extremely delayed when I use it, from base attacks to just anything (like using healing items and skills). I have no idea what is happening, there is one thing I know for sure though, and this is not a problem of PING. I run about a ping of 60ms-100ms on Blade & Soul, but everything is still delayed for some reason. I filed a repair and redownloaded Blade & Soul, and yet everything is still delayed. I also have one side note to mention, my brother and I live in the same house and play Blade & Soul together, he is perfectly fine game play wise and I'm stuck here with a combat problem (as in when we play together or not, he is perfectly fine no combat delay or anything). So I have no idea why is this happening, I hope to find some help so I can play perfectly like I once did. I really love Blade & Soul and I hope to find some help to fix this problem. 

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