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Wheel Of Shit


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 Sr to post this shit here, but its only place to you guy read it i think so, about gameplay, it suck, just like lineage and aion, ur game alway have so great story, but the gameplay alway make me sick, im so sick and angry today
 Anyone of u ever play vindictus before i wonder? its have non-target system like blade and soul, but non-target is for what? To have more realistic ? what rule of realistic that i CAN'T block anytime i want? How realistic that i CANT dodge anytime i want. Even in real life i can beat 2 guys like me at once, but i were beaten by every creep, just because i cant open the right weapon to upgrade hongmoon to lv 6 after used all my keys ( 20 keys ur game give me), i remember trainning is so simple with my friend when he can upgrade hongmoon to lv 10 after breakthough in lv 6 with just 2 box open. Just bring a blade master lv 10 with hongmoon weapon lv 5 do do all your quest to training up lv 16, u guys will know how i were crazy of this shit.

 Do what ever u want with this post, or with my acc, im waiting for bless online, and even i only play blackdesert for a week, its better a hundred times, i must say never have a new game make me feel so deep like lineage 2 (and diablo), but u guys was ruined it, with new item+graphic update  since gracia, what was lineage 2? what is it become? become Starwar ? lol all your game have great story, but gameplay like a shit sr to repeat it.
 Idk why im 27 year old and i act like a stupid kid with this, but i love u and hate u NCsoft, just want to say that, im stil waiting for a game have beautiful story of lineage 2, realistic design and combat like vindictus, dont make everything player get is depend on their luck, and tell them that easy or not is depend on their skill, shit!
 At last, wish all u guys alway success in everything u do, im still play this shit u created. Oh my god i forgot this problem, people in NCsoft may never read this shit of me lol
 Anyway, nice day for u all, i hate this game :))

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