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Issue With Friend Request


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Let me preface this with i work in network safety management. Or in human words, don't try and steal my shit. 


So as of 5/1/2016, people across the server have been getting friend requests from a certain website name. This website is probably a site trying to sell gold. But while i was contemplating the issues behind trying to just block this person and still receiving the friend request. I thought of how this could be used in a more evil way. If let us say this computer program is monitoring when that person clicks the do not accept friend request. Then that program would know the exact time at which you decided to not be friends with them. Now why this is a problem is because the average person will receive this request during the time they aren't playing. And seeing how daily dash and the image u click on to get to the friend request are both in the same small area. And that on average ppl log on to do the daily dash at the start of their session. Well... lets just say now the computer program has a rough estimate of when you log on. And this becomes a problem i dont wish to discuss more. In a vain hope that only people working at Blade And Soul will read this and just edit how friend requests work so you no longer see that ur request isnt accepted. 


I am not going to use this method but please for the love of the game fix this as soon as human possible.

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