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New patch= more lag?

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Starting since 4/29, following the most recent unannounced patch, I have been experiencing game crippling lag. At around mid afternoon or sometime before the evening was when the lag started to rear its ugly head. At first it seemed like input lag only, my attacks would occur seconds after the inputs were pressed. Also the audio became distorted and choppy as if it were a fast forwarding tape while it was running. The lag subsided later in the evening only to resurface this morning. I checked my ping and my network status. everything was green and i had 0% packet loss, with a -1ms ping. My friend tipped me to a third party program which seemed to remedy the problem last night but it I'snt working today. Is anyone else suffering from this? It's pretty upsetting to think that in order to play this game with an acceptable amount of lag requires a subscription to a third party program. I really hope this i'snt the case

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