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Client Crash after B&S Logo


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Hi all, I had this problem after my internet disconnected (and so did the game)- so I was forced to log out. When I fixed my connection, it became impossible to get in.

Basically, what happens is:

>I log in

>Client starts

>Play Now

>B&S logo appears

>Client Crash Report Window Appears.


Somethings I've tried:

>I have no Razer products or drivers so it's not that

>I've done defrag, windows update, nvidia driver update, clean & defrag registry

>File Repair

>Delete GameGuard


And nothing has worked. I get no error codes or anything. The only option I have left is to either wait for the new update and hope it gets fixed or I completely reinstall the game.


Computer Info include:

>Toshiba Satellite P50t-A (i think)

>Intel Core i5-4200U CPU @1.60GHz


>x64 Windows OS (not sure if relevant)

But the game completely worked before the internet disconnection.

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