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Devillus Blade & Soul Wiki


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Hello, I'm here to present to you a new wiki for Blade and Soul by the Devillus team.  


Blade & Soul Wiki


This is a project that is expected to last for 2 months.  After 2 months, it should be complete.  For right now, they have worked on the Soul Shields section of the wiki.  If you visit any other section of the wiki, it will have no content on them.  Not everything is added to the wiki yet as far as sections go also.


*****Not all the Soul Shields are complete*****


About the Team

They are quick, like ninjas.  If you're wanting to see a wiki that is updated practically every single day, then this is the one to look at.  Not only that, they reply promptly to any of your questions, concerns, etc within a 24 hour time frame.


What you see now is only the beginning.  These people are not only content creators, but have a strong IT background.  They can make apps, add / fix new features to the site, and so forth with ease.  They have very nice things coming in the future, but for now, they want to finish this wiki first.  Prepare for the unexpected with them.


Wiki Features
Here is a bullet list of some of the features of the wiki

  • Responsive Design - Mobile first approach
  • Elegant / Attractive Design - Its custom tailored.  Uses the latest technologies out there.
  • Wiki discussions - Every page has a discussion area at the bottom.  This is how they want you to communicate with them if there are errors on the page.
  • Subscription system - Subscribe to any wiki page, category, book, etc.  Only for registered users
  • Ajax Previews - Hover over a link to see a preview of the page (Currently disabled)
  • Enhanced Search system - Results pop up as soon as you enter them.  Alternatively, you can use the search at the top of the site to find wiki results too.
  • Caching system - Faster page loads
  • Template system - Create pages with ease and no web programming experience.  They also make custom bbcodes.
  • Activity Stream - See all the detailed changes to the wiki
  • Tagging System - Integrated with the entire site.
  • Auto link system
  • and more....


Site Features

  • Uses HTTPs (Security)
  • Elegant design based off Google Material Design - Custom tailored by the team themselves
  • Discussion forums
  • Post Ratings system - A alternative to the likes system
  • Mood system - Shows your current mood (disabled)
  • Sticky navigation / sidebar - Scrolls up and down with you
  • ...and more


News & Updates

The team does not post news in the news section of the site about the wiki.  They will only post something there if its something major.  Instead, they post via their activity stream.  So if they were going to take the wiki offline for a while, it would be posted there.


Here are links to both of their activity streams


Joker - Second in Command


Ace - Site Owner



The team will not move to another section of this wiki until the section they are working on is 100% complete.  They never deviate from their path.  They will announce via their activity streams when they move to a new section.


Soul Shields
The soul shields section is not complete. You will notice some soul shield pages don't have any content on them yet. You may also notice that some Soul Shields aren't even on there yet.  They will be added later.  The team wants to get what is missing done first before doing that.


There is also something else being added to the soul shield pages in the future.  It will appear to the right of the Soul Shield when they implement it.  It won't be implemented until the rest of the sections for the wiki are done.


Final things to say

  • The team doesn't come to these forums which is why I'm posting for them.  I am not their personal messenger either so if you have something to address with them, do it yourself.  I just pass on feedback to them that is posted in this thread.
  • For inquires with the wiki, speak with them, not myself.  I do not play this game.
  • I'll check this thread and bump it from time to time with any cool news and updates from the team.
  • While the team are ninjas at heart, just know that they sleep, eat, work, and have fun like the rest of us.  Sometimes, the wiki may not be thoroughly updated for the day.
  • There may be several days where the team will not work on the wiki at all.  This is because they are developing templates for the next section they will work on.  They announce this also.
  • There may be some bugs / issues with the wiki.  They won't be able to address them until Friday evening, central standard time.
  • The team stated that the more people that use the wiki, the more things they will add to both the site and wiki in the future.  They will also work on it a lot more than usual...or so they say.


Well, time for bed for me.  Happy viewing!

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Exciting news!


The team finished the initial soul shield list they originally had on the wiki and has created content for those respective pages.  However, they are moving to their next phase in the Soul Shield section by adding all the current available Soul Shields including unreleased ones.  They already started creating the pages for that which can be seen in the Soul Shield sets section (They haven't created individual soul shield piece pages yet).


They estimate a 1 - 2 week timeframe on when these new soul shield pages are complete.  Rest assured though that most of the stuff you guys would be looking for is complete and filled in besides the upcoming content this week which brings more new soul shields.  They are also not working on basic soul shields any time soon.  Their reasoning is that no one cares about basic soul shields.   So once they finish the Soul Shields that were added recently, they are moving on with the rest of the wiki.  Additionally, they are aware that some names for the Soul Shields they recently added aren't 100% correct.  That is expected and will be fixed.


They started adding wiki discussion boards to the landing pages (i.e Soul Shields, Blade & Soul, etc) and may add more in the future.  They are still tweaking those though as there are a couple issues.  They really don't want anything on their forums related to the wiki due to this feature.


They laid out a nice roadmap too which can be found on the main page of the wiki at the bottom.  After talking with them, that roadmap is not to be followed verbatim.  They feel once they get past the Soul Shields section, most of the other sections can be rapidly done.  But it does show you something regardless.  They normally make notations on it just so people are aware.

I forgot to add this at my initial post but you probably already know about the Recent Changes page.  There is a sidebar widget with recent activity, but this one I just linked is a bit more in depth.  Just another way to show you activity really.


Umm.....they pretty much explain everything else via their wiki discussions so I'm not going to say much more.  Just follow that and you'll be fine (They are always active and posting when they can).  I'll post again when the entire Soul Shield section is complete!  Hopefully soon!

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They added the Soul Shields that are supposedly coming in this next update.....but they can only be found on the Soul Shield Sets section for now.  Individual pages for each one will be done tomorrow night.  They are consistent and keep on top of things when major updates come out so people aren't waiting for weeks for something to update like Soul Shields.  Also, some of those soul shields that were added may not be in this update.  Additionally, they said that a grand total of 5 Heroic Soul Shields are missing from their list that other versions have.  They will add those later.


However, Refined / Superior Soul Shields won't be done until late this week.  The team says what most people care about are the heroic and paragon soul shields.  So they get a higher priority.  Additionally, you will notice that soul shield icons are missing on half the soul shields.  By icon, I mean the icon that appears by the title.  There is a default and custom one.  Obviously, the custom one is the actual soul shield piece or set. 


The reason why they all don't have their respective soul shield icon is because those icons have to be attached through the wiki attachment system.  So when a page is created, you have to click through some windows to get it added, named, put it in the right section, etc. and that takes up a lot of time.  So the team decided to not add those icons until the wiki is done so content can be pushed out faster.


Only thing is, they typically add the icons for Soul Shield sets and sometimes even the individual ones, but only heroic or above.  Its a mixed bag.  You never know what you're going to get.  Or so they say.......


Lastly, as far as some of the layout on the landing pages are concerned, that will change in the future.  For example, the Soul Shields landing page will change to where it gives a introduction to Soul Shields.  The Soul Shield listing should also include the level in the future also.  However, this is later down the road and something you won't see asap.


Other than that, thats it.  I know I said I'd post again after everything is complete, but they wanted me to let you guys know about Soul Shields and this next update.  If corrections need to be made to those soul shields, just let em know or they'll eventually find out anyways.


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Unfortunately, the site owner took a two week vacation to Hawaii so he won't be back actively working on the site until May 20th.  Despite that though, the second in command finished the Soul Shields that are currently available on the wiki.  There are a few that need information on them, but some were left blank on purpose.  These mainly deal with the crafting SSs.  Yeti and Asura Superior soul shields should be done *soon*


There are STILL soul shields missing for the wiki.  The only ones they are concerned about for now are the crafted ones which will be added *soon.*  Individual soul shield pages for new Soul Shield sets recently added will be done tomorrow and possibly thursday.  I was told after that, they would work on the Race / Class section of the wiki.  I think they are tired of working on Soul Shields and want to work on another section personally, but thats just my opinion.  For the most part, most of the soul shields you're looking for ARE on there.  Its mainly the crafted and low leveled soul shields that are missing.


I was also told that they may take a few days off from working on the wiki to focus on app development. 


Lastly, they have made some improvements to other areas.  Its not 100% complete yet, but the landing page for Soul Shield sets has changed to a tabbed layout as shown here




In the future, it will show more information such as the icon and other info.


Oh and as always, some of that SS info may not be 100% accurate yet.

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Do you take suggestions? Right now you have everything arranged by name. I think arranging them by level would make it easier for newbs. Or put an option to change how it's arranged?


Looks good so far, though.

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