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Disconnected from server.(1000)(132,10054)

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ukjJqBphyvPTyI6BEJbf2YUTSjE34g_uUeb5NKhv I always keep getting this msg    Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)  i found some posts on the forums here complaining about the same problem but they r all in 2015 and in the alpha and beta but the game already launched in EU and NA and im getting the same msg   any help would be appreciated    PS i tried to change some ports and allow them in my firewall/router but nothing changed still get the same msg at every dungeon or using wind travel thingy or even in the starting game loading screen so i cant even load in the game...im sorry this post is kinda long but i wanted to say every thing in it   BTW i play on the EU server and i thought this  was an issue with the connection and my internet cuz its too far (i live in the middle east )................ i am already lvl 16 in jadestone village and very excited to move forward but i keep getting disconnected  ......as u can see from my name  im playing  on a toaster so already all my  game settings are the lowwwweeesssttttttt  as they can be  Any help PLZZZZZZ

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