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Making EASY report available in arena


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I've stopped playing 1v1 for a while now since every other person I met in high PLATINUM was a bot.

Not even talking about those destroyer bots you can at least target, but about Summoners with normal looking names, but that you cant even target since they are out of stealth and back in stealth in less than half a second.


I'm a summoner too, I KNOW that is not possible.

To add to not even being able to target them, even if I try to lure them right in front of me (they follow the person everywhere in a straight line), the only attack they use is sunflower.


Sunflower takes 3 focus.There is no way in hell you can spam sunflower alone for that long, since they use no other skill (hence the following you around being useful to the bot).

Even if I put petals up, that ALWAYS resist ranged attacks, I still get hit by their sunflowers.


Its idiotic that you cant easily report such players in arena.

I have no videos since I was so annoyed by this I stopped trying to rank up to diamond, but I did get two names that kept popping up again and again in matches:






If Im not too annoyed by next season, I'll try to record it, but for the love of god, investigate these people. Im pretty sure more people have faced them and might have even other names to add.

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