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The mysterys of Shiverstone Range


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Greeting, please make game guard not drop my fps like a dubstep song is droping the bass, please. Now that i got that of my chest (^_^) , so, in Shiverstone Range, a lot of stuff happens, first of all, I'd like to disable the snow particles, even if i set my graphics on the lowest and disable everything, i still get low fps in this area, even in Frostscale basin and Avalance Den, other areas like soulstone plains, beastbog, plog sanctum and the other dungeons didn't give me any issues, except when the framedroping happens for a 5-10 seconds (thanks gameguard ... -_- ), but it mostly takes place in cold areas (funny, my pc is freezing in cold areas :p ).

Next issue "Soul Shackle" resets the mobs. I use Soul Shackle Tier 3 Stage 1, and every time I use it, the mobs will become immune to damage after a couple of seconds, heal back to full hp and go back to their original position. This issue mostly happens in Shiverstone Range (again), which mean, i am not allowed to run around, group up mobs and shackle them to keep distance or they will reset.

Last but not least, please give us true fullscreen mode, windowed fullscreen is not optimal because the game can not utilize my hardware correctly, in every game i gain better performance with fullscreen, BnS will be no exception I'm sure.

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