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Constant .5 sec freeze every 3 seconds with GameGuard


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Acer 772g-9653 Laptop - 8Gb Memory, Optimus with 2Gb nVidia GTX760m, i7 4702mq CPU up to 3.2Ghz Windows 8


Those specs allowed the game to be played at maxed settings at 1920x1080 on release. Yes the framerate would sometimes dip below 30, but then I found the joy of alt+enter (which I didn't think worked for the longest time since holding alt and pressing enter didn't work, they had to be done exactly the same time).


After a game update, a nasty problem presented, whereby every three seconds the game would pause for about half a second (may be less, but when you are otherwise getting 60fps (1280x720 windowed, max everything then alt+enter) it's amazing how long it seems). No amount of changing of options or restarts of game or laptop changed this, until another update miraculously cured it (though that was a long time coming). Now it's back again, and as before no amount of changes affect it.

It took me a few days to notice something though. Each time I've had this issue, I've seen the GameGuard logo show upon launching the game.


Clearly GameGuard is doing some kind of check every few seconds, and it's pausing my game to do it. I don't know why sometimes it's enabled and other times it's not, but since it doesn't prevent the things it is supposed to, do we need it at all? If it must be kept can it not be fixed? At the very least does it really need to do this every few seconds? Can't it be adjusted to every 15 minutes or so in order that those affected aren't getting a game breaking experience?


If someone has a way to resolve it I would love to hear about it. I have googled it and unfortunately having tried everything I've seen, have yet to get rid of this annoying issue.

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