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Recently NcSoft removed our ability to upload pictures to our in-game profiles. I understand the reasoning behind disabling our privilege as many users abused the work-around to add custom, pornographic content to the profiles. Now, even though I understand the reasoning behind the disabling of the pictures, but I also see it as unfair. Why should so many of us have to forfeit our upload privileged if we are not at fault? I know that may be a lot to ask, and it would require manpower to sift through all the character info screens to find ONLY the ones at fault, but here is a proposal; why not just implement a "report inappropriate content" button on the profile pages? Give us back the ability to upload, but also give us the ability to help you (NcSoft) find those that breech the T&S. You let us do it with bots, spammers, toxic players, ect. Why not with profile pictures as well?

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