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New Player Having trouble in Misty Woods


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Okay so I'm relatively new to this game. I'm level 49 destroyer and I am very undergeared due to the insane requirements to upgrade my weaponry (50 Gold... NCSoft Pls). Anyway, I do misty woods quests to get some soulstones required for upgrading into siren axe but as soon as I encounter the opposing faction, usually a summoner (I hate those guys =____=), I get two shot. I'm kind of wondering how high tier my equip should be in this situation. I currently have the bloodshade soulshield and true profane. I have not made any upgrades that require soul stones to my accessories yet. It's just me playing and I have no friends. The only place I can actually win a pvp match is in the arena. This is so frustrating.  >:(

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