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Newcomer Questions

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Hello there B&S community, my name is Kyle and I am sort of new to Blade & Soul. I just have some simply questions to ask and hopping some nice folks can take a few minutes of their time and answering them, and also give me their honest opinions.


1# - Which of the classes are great for beginners/veterans? - As for my play style, it doesn't really matter now and days, back then I use to only go for melee based, then range and now it  doesn't really mater, however I do like stealth based classes, in your face and out type, also like classes that can nuke x amount of mobs, I don't care for PVP ATM.


2# - Are the signature packs with getting and if so which one? - I know cheapest one will cost $5.00, but is it worth buying the other one?


3# - As for the Premium Membership, what is a better buy, 30 days or 90 days? - As for the yearly one I only plan on getting if I really get into this game.


4# - What is a good server to go on, I mainly looking for friendly community, good economy, and good guilds


5# - Smiler to question 4#, what are some decent guilds to join? - I'm a laid back, causal player, as I play other games and have a job. I mainly looking for active friendly helpful members. 


6# - Smiler to question 1#, which is more friendlier Assassin or BM? - Yes I know summoners are good choice, but it doesn't really interest me and same goes for warlock.



Well that's pretty much all my current questions, if I come across more I will update this thread.


Thanks in advance & it's nice to meet you all.


P.S - I could careless about my grammar/spelling ETC, when it comes to forums, video games.




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1) Summoner is probably the easiest and newbie friendliest class.  It is ranged, uses a pet tank, and has a tiny tiny bit of stealth.  Assassin you be your in and out stealth kablam.  Force Master or Warlock are pretty good glass cannons.


2) It is hard to put a value, play the game a little and then decide if the items are worth it to ya.


3) Get a 30 day and see if you like it.  The premium membership gives you access to the wardrobe to store outfits, extra combat XP, mobs will drop money (no money drops if you are freemium), and some other benefits.


4) NA or EU?


5) see above (but generally you will find lots of casual for funsies guild no matter what server you choose.


6) I am not gonna change my #1 as you put these constraints in your last item, but in PVE (since you don't like PVP at the moment) I would say BM has a less forgiving begginers experience.  Assassin is easier to pick up, and can solo content almost as well as summoner. 


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