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Key's Art Shop (Semi-realism) - CLOSED


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Hiya and welcome to my humble art thread! 

I'm setting up shop here for extra gold and stuffs, cuz why not? :>




  • I rarely draw girls but I can try!
  • I won't be putting any signature on your order.
  • You can use the art anywhere as long as you don't claim the art as your own.
  • No reselling or making profits off them.
  • All order will take 3~14days, depends on your turn.
  • You can either comment or PM me with the order form.


Payments can be in Gold/NC/USD, so pick your poison!

  • Depends on current rate, so ask away if you're unsure
  • Pay through cross-server dungeon loot (I'm on Iksanun)
  • Full payment upfront before I start



Examples (will add full size link later):


Note: Your commission will be canvas sized 1k~1.5kpx, with simple background



What I do offer right now:

Bust B/W = 25g

Bust Colored = 30g


*adding weapons, custom backgrounds and complex items will be add-on priced


Interested? Please fill out this form and I'll get back at you~! Thank you for reading!


IGN : 

Server : 

Choice : (B/W or Colored)

References : (Clear with the right color if you choose Colored)

Details : (Emotion, etc)

Private : (Yes if you don't want me posting it anywhere)



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Can't believe no one has looked at this since Sunday! I just wanna reserve this spot atm cause I'm at work and won't be home for another like 2 hours but I'd love to order from you! It's hard to find artists who draw males more than females for a game like BnS lmao. Do you take 1 order per person or do you have a limit? Tyy

*gonna send through PM*

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