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Constant Lagging?


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Hello all,

I'm new to Blade & Soul (coming from WoW) and I really enjoy the game so far. However, I have this problem where the game keeps lagging, starting from the character login screen.

I have tried many things, such as cleaning my laptop, defragmenting and checking my internet connection. However, it would appear that when I lowered the graphics to 1 everything ran smoothly, which surprised me quite enough.

My system currently is:

Processor : Intel(R) Quad Core(TM) i7-5700HQ 2.70 GHz

Ram : 8 GB
System: Windows 7 64-bit

Graphics: nvidia GTX960M

I am not expecting to run the game on 5 with a laptop, but was quite surprised to see that it would not handle at least 3. Needless to say, I am a bit disappointed given that I run other games on higher settings without any problems. I checked with the recommended settings to play this game and I believe that I'm passing them decently. 
Is the problem within me or is there something wrong with the game, to which I beg the question: What to do to increase my performance and enhance my experience? 

I would play on 1 but part of what enhances my game experience is seeing the details put into the world.

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