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Blue screen on login/some diconnects


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Hello everyone.


I'm having sort of 1 out of 5 chance to log into the game without having my laptop pop up a blue screen or at very least crash a driver. I've tried the usual - repair buttons, tried to find something useful on the forums that may work, reinstalling and all that jazz but nothing seems to be working. Another thing that I've noticed is that NCsoft client pops an error if I try to start the game from there, also I cannot make a desktop shortcut for it either. I've noticed as well whenever I actually do get pass that in the loading screen the client keeps going on and off with the "not responding" message at the top left, however it does load slowly in. 

Secondly, I keep getting diconnected every time I try to enter another zone without a fail. Disconnect message pops in the loading screen however, when I manage to relog back in, there's no loading for the zone if I believe it or not enter in slowly. In case I decide to straight run in there's the blue screen again.


I'm not sure if any of this makes any sense, I've tried to descibe it as best as I could. I like the game, please share your knowledge so I can get back to it.


P.S. Using Dell Inspirion 3542 laptop

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