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Can someone help me increase FPS?


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Everything on google seems to be for Nvidea and I;m stuck with my i5 HP Pavilion with AMD D=

I fell in love with this game a week ago when i started playing, even bought premium, but after i set it to show my FPS it honestly made me second guess spending time on this game...The maximum I can get is 25 and that's standing still in an empty environment.. drops to around 15-20 when I'm in combat... I dont want to get to end game content and have my FPS drop to <10 when I'm in a very populated area/dungeon.. just walking into a fog/waterfall area makes me drop to literally  <5 fps... I'm running on the lowest resolution settings possible as well. I also went through every single thing in device manager and updated every driver that would update.

I tried going to task manager and making sure its set on high priority and such, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to optimizing a computer.. would VERY much appreciate any help.


i5-4570 CPU @ 3.2GHz
8GB Ram

sorry if I left anything out, like I said I'm really not too savvy when it comes to advanced computer settings

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Well, i never had a relatively good ping or FPS in games, but the first time i saw a curious thing happening only in my BnS.

What i realized was: Whenever i open my game, the screen is small, and one day a hurry to get into the game, i let this small even ( think with 800x600 or slightly higher ), and realized that my movement in the game was much better, much "lighter", and noticed that my FPS had risen considerably.

My FPS is usually very low, reaching a maximum of 15, minimum 6, with the appropriate size for my computer ( windowed and fullscreen ), and when i go back to the small size, it increases to 40/45 FPS, sometimes up to 50.

Sure, i could spend the rest of his life playing with FPS in that form, but would end up blind. It could also be content with my 15 FPS, but... it's awful.
I've tried to do some tutorials, how to make some changes in my NVIDIA, etc, but nothing has changed. I'm not sure if this is due to something on my computer, such as parts, or if it's some drive / update that is not active, or whatever, some black magic.

I don't want a high FPS, i'm content with 40 FPS, but would like to have that amount without having to play on such a small screen. I would like to better understand what causes occur this fall, then look for other ways to fix this problem.


~ sorry for any mistake, i'm not very good with english ~

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