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Silverforst Recipes - What's in it?


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There's a few items in each receipes that I'm especially curious about and was wondering if any expert would know

Merry Potters:

  • Ancient Ornament
  • Merry Potter's Priest
  • Potter

Acquired Taste:

  • Mystical Silk
  • Fine Gourmet Priest
  • Master Chef


  • Phoenix Stone
  • Craftsman Recipe
  • Friendship <---- wtf??????????
  • Celestial Order Priest
  • Mysterious

Silver Cauldron:

  • Mystical Dye
  • Turtle Stone
  • Mystical Dye (Why is this listed twice on the recipe?)
  • Silver Elixir Priest
  • Righteous Way

Thank you for any experts out there in advance! ;o

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