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CPU usage makes the game very unresponsive


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The game will not run smoothly ever for me i always get flickering on the screen as if it is Alt+tabbing and if i press too many keys on my keyboard the game freezes and makes me close it this problem happens too often and can happen every 5 minutes i have tried everything from: reinstalling the game, updating drivers, reinstalling gameguard, changing settings in game (which doesn't make a difference if im on extreme or low), deleting unnecessary files, stopping services that take bandwidth, my CPU is i5-6500 and my gpu is a r7 370 I dont overclock and when i do it makes no difference for the cpu or gpu I don't know if im going to carry on playing this game because it is really frustrating and makes the game not enjoyable the only reason i stay is to try to get the best pvp rank i can so far.

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