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36h Stream- level 45 rush as conjurer #chill

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Hello, I'm DeT0Xx also Shine Blade which is the name of my new level 3 conjurer on Blade N Souls. I'm a MMO/Moba player, but honnestly I play all types of games. I thought about restart playing Blade and Souls for the conjurer release and rush 45 in a couple of hours again like I did with my Blademaster at european release :) Told myself it would be funny to share this little trip with community. Here am I on this link http://www.twitch.tv/det0xx_a from 19pm thursday 03/03/2016 to saturday 03/05/2016 to 05 am :) If you wanna join me on stream or in game I would be glad :D !! I'm playing on Ogong [FR]


Play N Chill friends :)

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