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What to do about input delay?


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I am a KFM and currently Mushin Floor 8 appears to be impossible. Not because the mechanics of the fight are too difficult but simply because my abilities have some insane input delay. Like when I am trying to 3rF and my 3 and R go off but don't register at all and I end up using a Smite which has a slow animation and usually leads to me taking a shit ton of damage or mushin getting out of CC for free. I watch other people do floor 8 and they are able to animation cancel their 2rf very fast but when I do it there is such a huge delay that I can't even get F off sometimes. Basically I just want to know how to help with input delay. I am tired of standing, facing a boss, smashing Q or E over and over to have them just not go off and I die to some AoE.

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