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E. Fleet Spply Chain daily's NPC disappeared


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A strange thing happens to me today on my summoner. Yong Sik (you know him ! the guy who give E. Fleet 24-man daily quest !) has been replaced by some jerk, from Blackram, who doesn't speak to me ... and doesn't give me my daily !


- I got the introduction to Poahran quest already done. I also already did those same daily yesterday, and the day before, and everything was fine. I connected my summoner today, a few hours ago, and the NPC is just not there today, for me.

- A friend of mine, connected at the same time, just see the NPC at the exact same place.

- The Naryu Labyrhinth introduction quest doesn't seem to pop on my character neither

- I have a second character, for whom everything is fine today



Here is attached screen :




I tried dc/reco, going do some other stuff and coming back later, moving between area/channels ... Nothing happens ! Yong Sik has just been transformed to a Infantry Blade Master. Maybe he converted, or was bored and wanted some action in his life ... But now I feel like f**ed :( ... Do someone already had the same issue ?


Thanks in advance

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Upvote : I got the same problem on another character today !


Every NPC in he Wayfarer's Warf area is replaced by random NPC, who doesn't speak to me.

It means I can't get daily done for either 24-men dungeon, neither access to BSH 24 man ...


Edit : It was intriguing having the same problem on 2 characters, so I tested with my 2 characters on a different computer with BnS installed ... and everything is fine. Very strange bug, but I'm doing a file repair right now, I guess it should fix it :)

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