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Error (207)(6) and (1000)(132)(10060)


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Since today's patch i can't connect to the game. Right after the pin popup game does nothing and after a while i get that message (Server on maintenance err 206 7)


Tried to repair files, reinstall game work once. 

I got disconnected after a while and got a 24mo patch and cant reconnect anymore .


Tried to reboot my internet box and nothing seems to work.

All other games are fine and i never had issues before today's patch.


No asus or razer services running no antivirus either. (anyway i had no problems before today and i changed nothing)

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I would also like to add that me and my gf are experiencing the same issue and error. I noticed that it didn't happen to us during our level'ing up stages from 1 - 45 during Jan to mid Feb. Around Launch period seemed fine. After second big patch (Valentines event and new dungeons) it happened here and there once a while, but after the 3rd patch! (8th floor mushin, Naryu Labryinth) It happened a looooot. Is occuring now probably 3 or 4 times within a span of 3-5hours of gameplay. >< Please fix this soon NCSoft thank you.

This didn't use to happen now it seems like it's happening so frequent for us.

Thank you.

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