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¿?Lost my premium membership?¿ Bug/Glitch?


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I renewed my membership on Saturday 27, 2016.  So today I was doing the Nightshade Harbor 6-man dungeon on a cross-server and then randomly got disconnected after reaching Blood Mane.  When I reconnected I was unable to rejoin my group as I had no rejoin current group option like I normally would when I get disconnected. So I thought nothing of it as there was a person screwing us all over anyway in that 6 man and decided to do it later. As I just finished my misty woods cerulean daily I noticed I couldn't put uniform back into my wardrobe because it said I had no premium membership...  I'm like "wth?" I ask around and nobody knows, so I came here to ask if anyone has had this happen to them and why? What would cause this? Could that member in the 6 man group some how disabled my membership with a hack or something because everyone was pissed off at em for slowing us down and not following the pack? Or just some freaky bug that rarely happens?


Any help is appreciated, Thanks.


Oh and I've already submitted a ticket, I just want to get this problem resolved asap because I'm losing a days worth of my membership, which I know I won't get back...

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