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What I have to offer here its simple and I'm not sure when i'll open comissions for full body coloured drawings, for now
I'll keep open waist line drawings, black and white and coloured ones too. 
(pm for info)

You can visit my facebook page to check a few works I've done for Aion community and others not related to online gaming.
PayPal only - email adress will be given after the works is done. I might send a few previews while I'm working on it. 

waist up- 15 USD
waist up - 30 USD

  • Pay half of the price so before I start working on it (yes i got some users who abandoned the request without paying anything after the work is done, obviously they didnt get the HD image from me)
  • If you want extra details to your character that cant be done in game or a different hairdo/colour you can ask for it :)... You know.. someone else might have a character looking just like yours and it gets super boring right XD?
  • No nude pictures will be done
  • I'm not into furry stuff so please don't ask me to draw your character on that kind of style
  • Yes you can use my work as your in game profile picture, you paid for it! But please make sure to tell ppl who did it :D makes me happy 
  • Don't remove my signature please :(
  • Extra characters will be accepted on the drawing as long as you pay for it. For black and white ones it will be extra 15$ and colour, 30$
  • If you're asking me to work for you, please accept my drawing style and colouring as well. Dont ask me to change to it something more realistic. Feel free to ask any other artist if you're not satisfied with mine.
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