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No matter what it is, ie cheats bots etc. I played a few matches today and I have no idea wtf happened. i dropped from 1912 to 1701 currently. About 6 came from summoners, I do beat some of them but sometimes... there is no counterplay at all.  Those aside I'm only angry about a few. Mainly the cheaters. Today i experienced a bd that was running so fast my charges jump stuns... everything, missed him. The only thing that worked was my pull but he just rolled out and only came in with his x knockup combo. There was also an assassin that i tech chased perfectly ( i have practised it many times) that somehow rolled out of my stun, and my stun and my grab. all in a row. Then there was the super fun fm match where i lost in six seconds two times in a row to the same ice spell hitting for 4.5k over and over. i dont even know what to say about that. If this is all intended and i just need to l2p then honestly i want some help. inform me how to stun a guy that out runs stuns, or live against a character that is putting out 48k worth of damage in 6 seconds. i honestly wanna know. the assassin one was kinda maybe but the guy, no matter how well i tech chased, was un cc-able. It is ridiculous to say the least and it makes me annoyed I even have the want to come on here and whine. I played wow, gw2, daoc, warhammer and have only made two whiner threads. and that is when a healer kept standing inside of a pillar in wow and i couldnt get glad because of it happening over and over. soooo yeah >_> cheaters suck.

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