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The Blade and Soul Profit Calculator!


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Hi all, after spending a long time merchanting in the game and having a frustrating times calculating my profits I have decided to make a Profit calculator for blade and soul, to make my life easier.



The point of this program is to allow for market users to quickly add up the total profits and taxes of selling multiple seperate stacks of an item on the marketplace, which is a great way to save money on tax, because multiple smaller sales are always taxed less than single large sales.


The calc adds up all the tax for all the seperate listings and incorperates the post-sale 3% tax for each sale too.


This is still a BETA version of the program and there is still a lot of testing that needs to be done. I have not done any testing yet myself, so any feedback on the accuracy of the program to the actual tax values is appreciated. Blade and Soul has one of the most complicated tax systems that has multiple exceptions and actual unfixed bugs, so it might take a while to iron things out.


Known issues:

The calculator does not into account the extra tax that is charged on those with a large amount of daily income, because I have no idea how it is calculated, how much it is or what the threshold to unlock this additional tax is.

Mushin's Tower Training Dumplings are bugged and have abnormally excessive tax in comparison to any other item, especially in large stacks and large durations.



2016/02/27 - profit was being calculated backwards, derp! -fixed-


Download links:





I do not own any imagery used in the program, and if any copyright holders wish to have their artwork removed from the program, just send me a message and I will take down the download and remove the specific image from the program.

I have made this program for free, and I do not care if it is distributed by third parties, but do not charge money for it please(noone would pay for it anyway).

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