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Verification Code help


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Hi, thank you all for clicking on my thread n wanting to help me,

so the problem is, that my wifi router changes ip address daily, so that everyday i need the Verification Code to login on the game again, even when i save my ip address, tomorrow it will still ask me for Code and it's very very annoying, sometimes i even needed to wait for 30 mins for the code cause ncsoft or gmail is s**k :x


So I want to ask, if there's any solution for this problem, like set my router to not changing ip address daily ? And how ? 

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This issue has been asked already lot of times (if you search a bit on the forums you find many posts about it)
The NCSoft answer is that this is for your security and there is no way to lift the code verification on ip change. You have to live with that.

You can call your ISP and ask for a static IP (but this is usually a paid service)

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