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I was banned because of a server bug


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so few days ago, i was transfer to a unknown 'server', and i am the only one in the server. and i have report it to the BNS support team, and they told me to press "ctrl+F". apparently he think i am dumb lol. so i reply back, and they still can not fix the problem, and few days later, i saw a other player show up in that 'server' , she told me she have been in here for like one week. Just last night, we both got banned and she is unlokced and she can log in to game. but i was banned, and when i contact BNS Support team, said i was using third party program? i was like how? when did i used it? why i did not notice that? so i got banned. but my friend is fine. So i got banned for BNS cant fix the bug? what? i spent lots time and money on it, and now, for nothing? 

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