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Kung Fu Master Shin Kick


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1) Press K to open Skill Window

2) Left-Click on Shin Kick and you will see Leg Sweep

3) If you have upgrades on Leg Sweep it will show that in Shin Kick's skill description


I am new to Kung Fu Master so I have no idea what Shin Kick does and it even says it is upgraded from my Leg Sweep upgrades.

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That really isn't a bug. It's just part of the skill menu's general anti-intuitiveness. To answer your question about what Shin Kick does, it doesn't replace Leg Sweep like it looks like it does on the skill menu. What it's really doing is unlocking Shin Kick for use under the correct circumstances. Basically what Shin Kick does is that when the enemy is stunned/dazed/whatever the tooltip says, you will use Shin Kick instead of Leg Sweep.


It's actually quite a nice skill in PvP as well as endgame PvE. For PvP it's part of your general damage combo when you have the enemy CCed in some way and for PvE it's really good for activating Searing Palm. I won't go into too much detail on how Searing Palm works, but Searing Palm is unlocked at level 45 and is sometimes hard to utilize if circumstances aren't working too well in your favor. Shin Kick can be used as another means of getting more stacks of Searing Palm.

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