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Assassin Hongmoon skill (Shadow Slash)


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Hi Forum,


So today finally I got hold of the Shadow Slash volume 2. I was so happy and excited. Started to do the quests that we are supposed to do.

Then, almost at the last quest it informed me "obtain a  Hongmoon Secret technique fan" so happily I did.

And boom - nothing happened.


So here I am trying to figure out what happened - so I bought one more just in case something went wrong. I even bought the broken piece of paper from the NPC.

Just to be sure that I get everything from him (the one you can buy from soulstone).


Well, I've done some searching on the forums and could see that this in fact was a bug earlier. And was supposedly fixed but I can inform you; it isnt really fixed.

I've submitted a ticket to the support but I haven't gotten an answer yet. 3h and counting.


So if anyone have been experienced the same thing and found a workaround I'd happily listen :)

Please tell me that someone else also been in my situation.





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