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On the drop rate of the game !


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The drop rate of this game is very severe.
Already deleted by 4 characters that did not get the first item handles (stalker dagger) to upgrade the weapon!
Depending on much of this weapon to be able to continue the game, but I open my trunks and my keys over.
If anyone knows of another way to get this item please tell me!

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When you're lvl 15, you can press F5 to buy stuff from the markets; though not every item is tradeable.

It's your own fault if you use all your keys on chests too quickly. Yes the drop rate can be a little tedious sometimes, but just deal with it.

I don't know what you mean deleted by 4 characters. Are you in PVP? Be careful not to wear faction costumes like Crimson Legion or Cerulean Order clothes, or others can attack you. Try not to worry so much about upgrading your weapon. Just do quests and things will progress naturally. As you play, there will be plenty of quests which give you keys too.

Oh and try to save items which are "crafting materials" or whatnot, such as the green viridian stones. You'll need them.

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Um.. did you really make four different characters? shit.

I agree that opening chests for your weapons is one of the lowest point in game. There are 8 weapons total that you get in the game.

If you calculate the probabilities if you roll 10 times, it's 8/80. Sometimes you'd have to roll more than that which means more grinding. It's horrifying.

Get use to that, because it's going to happen for every purple weapon you need for a breakthrough.

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