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In lieu of recent botting and other bug reports.


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I just felt I had to ask, since there have been numerous critical issues posted and more or less no decent responses from the devs;

Do you at NCSOFT even have programmers employed? To me it seems you are just a bunch of script kiddies who have no clue what so ever as to how to program anything, only caring for the quick and dirty money from customers.

There have been absolutely 0 noticeable improvements on the botting/spammer issue, in fact, its getting worse by the hour, bots I reported days ago still roam the game.

The SS bug has pretty much just been showed under the carpet.


The only issues that seem to be addressed is with people who can not bring up the marketplace....


This might just be me, but I want answers soon, Warlock release is coming up, which I am holding in high anticipation, but I feel I might not have the guts to stick around until then if the bots issue is not resolved soon,



PS. Banning people without public, in-game notices will not have any effect in preventing others from abusing anything. I suggest reading up on how to deal punishment effectively, maybe by starting out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deterrence_%28legal%29


*Rant End*



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