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Need help with the required versions of C++


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I was trying to install WTFast to see how much better ping I got, but the installer kept getting stuck for some weird reason while adding the Microsoft Visual c++ 2013 needed for it. After an hour or so trying to install that I succeeded by first uninstalling all previous versions of visual c++ in control panel, then opening the wtfast installer again. But then I couldn't start the game, I got error E03008 on the launcher, which I googled and the support page sends me to download and install version 2015 of microsoft visual c++ distributable. I installed it but still can't start the game. Since I deleted over 15 different versions of c++ (2005 to 2010) on control panel before being able to install the one needed for wtfast, I don't know which one the game is missing to run, I'm adding the back one by one but the game still won't work. Please help.

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