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Skills Delay and sometimes can't use NUMBER skills


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1) Skills Delay
I've been suffering this Skills delay problem since the last update patch.
My ping is still STABLE (Avg of 250ms. I'm sure that I'm SO FINE with this ping before).
After I press the skill button, it will come out after ... 2-3seconds, even longer ! Can't even fight the small creeps in out world in this condition, don't talk about PVP !
Specially in Dungeon Combat, everything is all FREEZE but me. No input or output damage affect.
(It also delay when I talk to NPCs, open the Vault, connect to Market, or use Windstride etc ...)


I'm not the ASUS user, so the solution of disable ASUS services doesn't work for me. (No other services like cFosSpeed, XFast LAN, or Gigabyte Speed either)
I have tried some other solution, like rollback NVIDIA driver, use manage 3D setting etc ... None of them work.
The only solution right now is restarting my Modem Router for several times (2-3 times with about 10-15mins between each process ! such a long duration ! ).
But this solution doesn't work so well either. The lag will come back so soon. I have suffer this problem 3-4 times per day since the last update patch ...

Is this the Patch or the Server problem ?


2) Sometimes can't use NUMBER skills
NUMBER skills mean "1-2-3 ... 6-7-8" skills or items button.
Sometimes, I can't use those numbers to trigger my skills, or use my items in the MIDDLE OF COMBAT. And the result is ... yeah you know.
I can still write down those numbers in chat mode normaly.
This problem will be solved after I restart the Client. But it's still quite annoying...

Please fix these problem, or at least give me some replies / supports.
I would be so grateful for that ! Best regards !

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