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Need somebody beyond tech support!!! Error 1000 (fix?)


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I have had the error 1000(132,10054) since the release of this game. I had a ticket going from the 21st of January to the 11th of February with the tech support team trying to fix this problem, and it ended without being resolved, so I had to find the problem myself.  What I found Is when if I close "Awesomium" in windows task manager then my game will Not disconnect until Awesomium starts running again. I presented the tech support team with this and they just give copy and paste answers which are useless.  The problems I face with my solution are that Awesomium is tied in with the games marketplace so if it isn't running I have no market. Even if I play without market, Awesomium still auto starts itself even if I close it, so my game will always disconnect eventually.  PLEASE HELP

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