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Mushin's Tower desperately needs fixing!!!!


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First off let me start by saying, I'm not wanting the difficulty changed whatsoever, in fact I think the difficulty is perfectly fine, and I've cleared all 7 floors daily. But the issue that needs to be addressed is the sporadic lag, and Junghado's bugginess. The lag isn't there all the time, one day it'll be fine and the very next it's absolutely impossible to get any skills off or even dodge anything because the lag interferes so much with the reaction times.


Next, Junghado is bugged, half the time he will stand completely still without you ever CCing him for about 10 seconds and then he spams his ultimate move with the big red aoe and his combo after that several times in a row at 80% hp, sometimes higher hp sometimes lower depending on the day. Again I'm not wanting a difficulty adjustment, what I want is for Junghado to work properly and he currently doesn't. It's highly frustrating because I know 100% that I can clear him daily with no issues, if the lag and the bugginess were addressed and fixed. I've read and seen quite a few other players experiencing this issue as well. 

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