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[HOW TO] Fix SystenErr - 1000 Guide


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Hello. Since the last patch around many of us are having the exact same problem with the connection without having changed anything regarding its network, etc.


Wanting to play Blade and Soul and being a computer network researcher, I started to study the issue and wanted to share with you my solution (if you ever worked)


We assume that the problem may be due to many things, especially with Windows 10 operating system (I'm pretty convinced that about 70% of you who have this problem have Windows 10) so let's start with all the possible solutions:


  1. Disable all NO MICROSOFT Services
    Go to START and type "msconfig" and press ENTER;
    Go to "Services" tab;
    Check the option "Hide all Microsoft Service"
    Click on "Disable All"
    Then Restart your PC and try to start the Game [Admin]
  2. DNS Problem, flush and set public
    Open your Network Interface settings and set the static DNS with the Public DNS by Google (Primary:, Secondary:
    Go to START and type "cmd" and Right-Click to this and Exec like Administrator
    Type "ipconfig /flushdns" and press ENTER 
    Perform this command a few times (like 10)
    Then try to start the Game 
  3. Network Interface problem, trolling it! [i solved with this]
    First you need an USB WiFi (or another WiFi Network Interface) and Plug-in in your PC

    [If haven't you need to use your 3G/LTE mobile connection so active the Hotspot with your phone and connect PC]
    Once you're connected to the Internet, disconnect your previous interface (so, unplug the ethernet cable or wifi)
    [if you are connected with your phone, try a Speed Test for verify connection]
    NOW try to start the Game [Admin]
    If it work, re-plug-in your original interface (cable or wifi) and then disconnect the last one [if you are using your phone connection, this save a lot of your data]

So there are my solutions, tell me if works! (sorry for my bad english)

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