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Camera Wont Turn Properly Without Mouse Cursor Appearing


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This is driving me insane. I have been playing up to level 24 on one character and 14 on another with this issue. When I turn using the mouse (In normal mode) the mouse cursor keeps appearing on the side of the screen and stopping the turn for a moment then if I continue to turn it continues to flash (causing the camera to appear to be choppy but really its just stopping turning constantly as the mouse appears). I was finally able to get it to half go away by slowing the cursor movement down significantly but now I turn pretty slowly and the choppy turning is still their especially when I turn left. This is getting obnoxious and I can not seem to find a solution. Can probably post a video upon request just hoping someone has a solution?


Running windows 10 pro

Nvidia 660GTX

intel core 2 quad (q8200)

6gb ram

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