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Daily dungeon quest in Bloodshade Harbor

Alysha Hawkeye

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Well, this quest is unlike most of other daily quests that only require you to kill the final boss, it requires you kill every boss in a specific order (venom-bloodmane-twin-grandpa). This greatly discourages people from participating in already-progressed group that happens to kill the first few bosses, making them miss their daily quest, and most of players I seen joining the party to fill the slot get out immediately if my cross-server group already kills venom or further, even if it's my own clanmates.


In 4-man where loots of each boss is mostly not worth to mention (the first two bosses are meh, though twin drops cosmetic stuffs).


I think the quest should be either "Kill the final boss" like most of other daily quests, or "Kill these bosses in whatever order", that requires you kill all four bosses, but not restrict you to the order 'venom-bloodmane-twin-grandpa'.

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