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Chat screwed by serious hacker


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7 minutes ago, EternaSky said:

Yea thanks. Here's hwpo to doi it for those who come looking.


CLick the button under the gear icon for the char area. it's the chat filter. this will pause all incoming messages. then SCROLL UP and block this bugger.

what if you just logged in the game, there isnt anybody to block but u cant see no chat from faction or clan jus party and /say

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There is. in my server it's a some hyuihhhhhh fellow.  Just turn up the chat filter to pause the spammer. and scroll up endlessly because he created a wall of empty spacebars/'return/enter' lines and added a system icon to fake the message to let u think it aint working. blockt he sspammer and fixed.


as the spammer can be a diufferent name. this solution is more global than say blocking a specific individual.

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